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Invisalign: Straighten Your Teeth
without Disrupting Your Lifestyle

If you want a straighter smile but dislike the idea of metal braces, Invisalign® offers a comfortable and discreet alternative to traditional orthodontics. Consisting of a series of custom-made plastic aligners, Invisalign is virtually undetectable during wear and can correct many of the same conditions as braces. By undergoing treatment with Invisalign at Bivens Dentistry, you can experience the benefits of a straighter smile without the hassle and attention of other orthodontic methods. As a certified provider, Dr. Shaun Bivens has been straightening smiles with Invisalign in Mt. Juliet, TN, for over 10 years. We offer all types of Invisalign systems, including Teen and Express.

Close up of clear aligner on woman's top teeth
Invisalign's clear trays are removable and extremely simple to use. 

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign's clear trays can treat many of the same orthodontic issues as traditional braces, including:

  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Underbites
  • Open bites
  • Overcrowding
  • Rotated teeth

It is important to keep in mind that some patients' concerns will be better treated with traditional orthodontics, especially more complex cases or those involving jaw misalignment. 

Planning Your Treatment

When you come in for your first Invisalign consultation, we will take panoramic x-rays and Dr. Bivens will perform an oral examination. Then he can describe the treatment process and give you an estimate of how long it should take to achieve your goals. Next, Dr. Bivens will take a set of impressions and create a precise digital outline of how your teeth will move throughout treatment. 

Life with Invisalign

One of the main reasons patients choose this treatment option is that Invisalign allows you to live your life as you normally would. During treatment, you will need to wear your aligners 20 to 22 hours every day. However, you can remove them to eat, brush, and floss. 

Invisalign allows you to brush and floss like you normally would, so you can maintain a healthier smile throughout treatment. 

About every two weeks, you will exchange your aligners for the next set in the series. We will also schedule you for regular check-ups at our office, roughly every six weeks, so Dr. Bivens can monitor your progress and provide you with additional aligners. Once your teeth are properly aligned, we will typically fit you for a retainer to maintain your results. Some patients are able to simply wear their final aligner instead of purchasing a new appliance. 

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign has many advantages over traditional orthodontics. The aligners are removable, which means you can continue enjoying all the foods you love without restrictions or worrying about food becoming stuck in your brackets. The treatment also allows you to take better care of your teeth. With braces, debris can build up and harden around the brackets, especially in younger patients. Invisalign decreases your risk of decay and can ensure healthier teeth after the treatment is complete. 

In addition, Invisalign aligners are fabricated using smooth, clear SmartTrack® material. The trays are virtually invisible and significantly more comfortable than metal brackets. Many patients with traditional orthodontia struggle with irritation and discomfort from the brackets and wires. Invisalign fits snugly against your teeth without rubbing against the soft tissues of your mouth, so you should never suffer from sores or cuts. 

Achieve Your Smile Goals

At Bivens Dentistry, we are committed to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals while protecting your oral health. Straightening your teeth can offer significant oral health benefits and provide you with an increased level of self-confidence. We also offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can complement your newly straightened smile, such as teeth whitening. For more information about Invisalign, contact our office online or call us at (615) 773-8882 today.

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